Wednesday, March 30, 2016

10 Secrets That Get Homes Sold

Here are a few tips to get a home sold quick:  Full Article 

1. Think about who the buyer is going to be based on the community and what’s happening in other nearby homes.

2.  Sell the seller on a stager. Tell them to put their buyer hat on. The home needs to appear to the masses.

3. Tell sellers to think from traditional to transitional. Even if the home is nice, but the furniture is outdated it will look that way online.

4. Give a homeseller options. Present them with the price different between working with a home stager and not.

5. Be suggestive on how a space can be used, but let the buyer form their own opinion.

6. Get out of the mindset of a specific room’s purpose. You never know who is going to walk through the door.

7. Give your honest and professional opinion. Push a buyer as far as you can to stage the home to its fullest– but know they can push back.

8. In a listing description, talk about the lifestyle of the house. A lot of buyers want a project, so play up the positives.

9. Figure out what components are going to sell the house and don’t let the sellers mess with it.

10. Get a stager in early so they can think through the space, prep for it and make thought-out decisions.

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