Tuesday, April 5, 2016

3 Things That Can Speed Up Your Home Sale

Listing a home only to have it sit on the market day after day can be a very frustrating experience for sellers. Being unable to close the deal quickly can leave home and property owners with limited options, and may even increase the risk that future market volatility may have a negative impact on the sale price.  Full Article

Here are just a few insider tips that can help ensure you are able to attract the interest of the right buyer, sooner rather than later.  

ENHANCE THE CURB APPEAL  First impressions are very important. A shabby exterior or unattractive lawn can be a significant liability when it comes to a quick and successful sale. Landscaping upgrades, new exterior siding, or paint and other simple cosmetic upgrades that will enhance the curb appeal of a property are a proven and effective way to minimize the amount of time a home will sit on the market. Creating and maintaining a more attractive exterior environment may even allow owners to increase the sale price of their home.  

DEPERSONALIZE THE PROPERTY  Prospective buyers often have difficulty getting the right feel for a home when interior environments are cluttered with personal belongings. In addition to a thorough cleaning, minimizing clutter, and removing decorations and furnishings that may be too distinctive or eclectic can ensure that potential buyers are presented with a blank canvas, one that they may be better able to picture themselves transforming into the home of their dreams.  

NAIL DOWN A MARKETING STRATEGY FIRST  Effective marketing is crucial to close the deal as quickly as possible. Relaying on conventional or ineffective marketing methods can make it difficult to capture the attention of prospective buyers in greater number. In addition to open house signs, flyers, advertisements, and marketing app like Homecodec, working with a professional who has a tried and true business plan can ensure that property owners are able to enjoy greater success.  

The right strategy is important so when you're looking for a real estate agent, make sure you understand specifically what they can bring to the table. Our strategy is called the New Rules of Real Estate. Contact an agent or check them out for yourself hereon our site to learn how best to tackle your home sale so that things go swiftly and smoothly.

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