Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tips on Hosting an Open House

Many sellers ask if open houses are crucial to selling a home. While it may be not be the most vital it does give the public an opportunity to take a look at your home that will lead to someone buying. Many buyers will dedicate a Saturday/Sunday to driving around the neighborhood they are looking to buy in. The open house will attract real buyers.

Savvy Lane has a dedicated list of ways to prepare your home for sale and an open house.

Here are some steps in hosting a successful open house:

The best way to advertise the open house is on the MLS. When an open house is added to the MLS it will syndicate to third party sites, where most buyers are searching for open houses. Another great place is social media. The day of the open house place open house signs leading to your listing from the major street with balloons attached to the top.

When listing with Savvy Lane we offer open house signs and all marketing materials to successfully sell your home.

First impression is everything. Make sure to clean up the front lawn giving your home the best curb appeal. A home with great curb appeal will not only maximize the property's value but it will attract buyers to come into the home to take a look inside. Now that the buyer is inside it is important to declutter and clean. Make the home inviting by rearranging furniture to make the space more open and functional. It is best if a friend/neighbor/relative will walk through your home with a new perspective on the space to give you an unbias option on decluttering and/or rearranging furniture.

Have more questions on preparing your home for an open house? Call our licenses staff 7 days a week and we will be happy to advise you on your open house.

Day Of
It is important to give buyers their space during the showing. Greet them with a flyer in hand and give them a general overview of the home but let them take a look without hovering. In addition to the the flyer play to the senses, walking into a home smelling like fresh cookies gives an inviting feeling to the home.

Savvy Lane offers PDF flyers to our Full and Premium packages, or you can add it to any of the listing packages.

Follow Up
Have all parties sign in giving basic contact info, some may not want to sign in, that is fine but try your best to get as many as you can. This way you can call them that evening to get feedback on the home.

Savvy Lane offers all sellers with an open house sign in sheet. Once you list you will have access to this sheet.

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