Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How to Sell Your House Without A Realtor

Lets face it, you know your home better than any agent. Secondly, why pay someone 3% of YOUR equity?! You have all the resources any agent has to sell your home so why not sell yourself. These simple steps will help you sell like a pro.

Pricing: Pricing your home correctly is key. About 10 years ago the trend was to price your home about 10% over market value because buyers would always place an offer lower than list price. DO NOT do this. Today, those that over price will stay on the market longer eventually lowering the listing price and the listing gets stale. Price your home within the proper market range. Click here for creating your own CMA.

Exposure: You need to let buyers know you are selling, right? List your home with a flat fee listing service. They will list your home on the MLS for a small flat fee exposing your home on thousands of websites. They only change a one time fee, nothing at the time of closing getting your home on all the websites traditional agents list you on.

Professional Photos: This is one thing you cannot skimp on. Besides, this is the first impression of the home.  We live in a world where people start their new home shopping journey online and want to preview the home before actually driving out to see it. And people are extremely visual. If you give them dark and gloomy photos, it makes the house seem dark and gloomy.

Declutter Your Home: Limit the amount of photos and knick-knacks. DECLUTTER. Clean off the mess from your countertops and end tables. Think less is more, but make sure you still have it styled. And clean out the basement and garage while you’re at it.

Offer Assistance: Listing with Savvy Lane we offer an option for assistance in going over offers and negotiating counter offers, etc. Having support in negotiating offers may result with more money in your pocket.


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