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35 Ways You Can Spend to Save in 2016

Being a savvy shopper makes you a smart saver.   Should college be free for everyone? Yes No Advertisement  Powered by  credit card and computer MORE 5 Money-Saving Tools to Try Before You Buy Anything Why Millennials Are Saving at a Younger Age Than Any Other Generation How to Tell If You Can Retire on Your Savings According to a recent survey by Fidelity, year after year Americans’ top financial resolutions are to save more and spend less. While the impulse to save is a good one, the fact that people are making the same resolutions each year suggests they aren’t sticking to their promises. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make 2016 the year you succeed.

“There are hundreds of ways to save money, but if you want to be good at it, it needs to become a habit, a mind-set, a lifestyle,” said Brent Shelton, a shopping expert with the deal site “Once it’s ingrained in the way you spend, it will get a lot easier, you’ll get smarter and find bigger and better ways to save.”

1. Take Advantage of Deals in the New Year

January is a bargain-hunter’s paradise. For example, you can save up to 90 percent on holiday décor during after-Christmas sales, according to Teri Gault, money-saving expert and CEO of Winter coats, apparel and outdoor gear also tend to be deeply discounted after the holidays. Additionally, Gault recommends using January sales to shop for home goods like sheets, bedding and furniture.

2. Embrace Mobile Shopping

If you want to save money in 2016, it’s wise to take advantage of mobile shopping opportunities. According to Benjamin K. Glaser, features editor with, mobile shopping is one of the fastest-growing areas of retail, and sellers are pushing their mobile apps harder than ever before.

Not only do these apps provide an easy way to shop, but retailers often offer users exclusive discounts and savings. Still, Glaser cautions shoppers against making impulse purchases. For best results, only take advantage of deals for items you actually need.

3. Watch Out for Rising Prices

Experts advise consumers to adjust their shopping lists in 2016, as the prices of several grocery items are expected to rise in the New Year. According to Glaser, eggs will be more expensive because the poultry industry is still recovering from an avian flu outbreak. Further, rates for full-fat dairy products will climb with demand because of data showing low-fat diets aren’t necessarily better. Extended drought conditions will also lead to shortages of almonds, avocados, chocolate and – say it isn’t so – coffee, causing price hikes.

To counter rising prices, you can limit your purchases of these items, stock up when they do go on sale, look for lower-priced brands and purchase conventional, rather than organic, options.

4. Negotiate With Service Providers

Head off rate increases for services such as cable TV in the New Year by taking the time to call your providers.

“Ask about any new promotions you may qualify for when old ones expire,” said money-saving expert Andrea Woroch. For example, you could save money by bundling your cable TV and Internet services or going paperless by setting up automatic bill payment.

5. Cut the Cost of Your Smartphone

Many people try to save money by signing up for wireless plans with less data. However, if you regularly exceed your data allotment – and get hit with fees as a result — your cost-cutting efforts might backfire. To avoid data overcharge fees in 2016, you can use the free My Data Manager app to track your data use and alert you before you go over your limit.

On the flip side, you might have overspent on wireless service in 2015 by paying for more data than you actually used. To find out how much data you’re wasting, you can use an app such as Onavo Count or 3G Watchdog to monitor your data use. You also can visit to find the right mobile plan based on the number of minutes, messages and data you use.

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