Friday, January 29, 2016

Sell My Home and Save?

Did you know that you can sell your home and save on commission? Yes, you heard that right. Would you pay anyone 3% of YOUR equity if you had the tools and resources to list your home? Savvy Lane gives sellers the ability to list a home on the MLS for a one time flat fee, as little as $95.

Savvy Lane is licensed brokerage that helps you handle your MLS listing. Once we list your home on the MLS all questions, offers, phone calls, etc  are directed to the seller. However, since we are a licensed brokerage we are here to help. Our professional team can set up a comparative analysis report (CMA) to help with pricing, look over any offers and answer any questions. Our team is available 7 days a week.

What will you do with the thousands you save listing with Savvy Lane?

Benefits of listing with a flat fee listing brokerage:

  1. Listed on the MLS exposing your home to thousands of buyers. 
  2. Your listing is syndicated to top third party each sites that all buyers are search on. 
  3. Save thousands of dollars in commission fees. 
  4. If you sell to a buyer that is not using an agent you pay no commission. 
  5. You can cancel your listing at any time.
  6.  Savvy Lane can help with a CMA to determine a marketable selling price. 
  7. Savvy Lane will help go over offers and help with every step of the selling process. 
  8. 7 day a week customer service hours. 

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