Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Savvy Lane- a Leading Flat Fee Brokerage

 If you are going to list your home for sale, consider this question: Can you afford to give up a percentage of your selling price - perhaps as much as 7% - to find potential buyers for your property? You'd probably rather not if there's a viable alternative. Many homeowners have turned to real-estate brokerage firms that charge a flat fee to list and sell a home.

Although many sellers find comfort in having a listing agent guide them through the sale of their home, answer phone calls and other inquiries and negotiate the transaction, some owners would prefer to manage portions or all of the transaction themselves, especially if it can save them thousands of dollars. A flat-fee real-estate agent might be a good choice for these sellers. They usually can help list and market the house and may even suggest legal and closing services that are available at a flat fee rather than at a percentage of the selling price. A flat-fee agent also can help FSBO sellers who aren't comfortable handling all aspects of a sale.

Savvy Lane is a leading flat fee brokerage that helps "do it yourself" home sellers, much like H&R Block helps tax payers. As a top Flat Fee Brokerage, we made the MLS listing process available to everyone. We turn any homeowner into a listing agent by providing the same exposure, forms, tools, signs and assistance to help you sell effectively, but most importantly save you thousands in listing commissions (avg. $10,000). Your property is syndicated to the local MLS and National Real Estate sites to maximize exposure to millions of buyers. And don't forget, our professional licensed agents are here to help.

He have helped thousands of home sellers list and successfully sell their home. What are you waiting for? Call us to help you get started.

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